Supervision and Consultancy

Professional Supervision

I offer supervision to qualified practitioners as well as those in training. These include psychotherapists, art therapists and other professionals who may wish to take advantage of a reflective space in which to explore and understand their clinical, managerial or more general work-place experiences. Supervision takes place individually or in small groups.

"It is such a relief to come here and know that I have a safe place where I can think about what is going on at work so that I can go back to my patients feeling refreshed and with new insights. I feel I am a better practitioner. Through my thinking and learning in supervision, I am continually developing my professional skills." supervisee*

Consultancy to Organisations

A Jungian approach, with its deep understanding of the importance of the historical, social and cultural context of individuals, offers a unique scope for understanding how people function within the organisations in which they work.

I offer confidential consultancy to organizations where there may be tensions due to the often unconscious dynamics between people in the context of the workplace. I offer on-site work-place discussion groups to organizations and institutions, for instance, schools, social services, health organisations where the nature of the work impacts staff emotionally and psychologically. Understanding the emotional and psychological impact of work-place related events and relationships can enable staff to function more effectively and confidently in the work-place.

*This and other similar statements on this website are indicative of the kind of feedback I have received, and are not actual phrases used by real people. All discussions in sessions are confidential.